Oversize Palladio 72 Light

The Oversize Palladio 72 Lights Chandelier Project

A private villa in India

This is one of the most ambitious and amazing projects ever carried out by Razzetti-Italy. The hall of this private residence features as its main focal point the Palladio 72 light ceramic chandelier; its sizes (height: 4 metres, width: 2 metres) are those of a first-class magnificent chandelier. This chandelier, hanging under the villa’s highest dome, was designed according to the customer’s request for a high-end and classy chandelier.
The end result is just amazing. The chandelier’s ceramic arms and round-shaped supporting structures have been cast one by one. They are truly unique pieces, not the result of a mere assembly process. An unprecedented design pattern and a thorough manufacturing process make the 72 light Palladio the largest and widest ceramic chandelier in the world.
This is a successful balance between magnificence and fine taste.

Palladio 72 luci

Palladio 72 luci

The Palladio 72 light ceramic chandelier is the largest ceramic chandelier in the world and is entirely made of fine ceramic materials from Bassano.