Ceiling fan Gran Torino

Ceiling fan Gran Torino

Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-Orange Ceiling Fan Gran Torino Orange Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-gold Ceiling-Fan-ventilatore-Industrial-gold1 Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-Red Ventilatore-ceilin-Fan-Industrial-red1psd Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-blu Ceiling Fan Gran Torino blue Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-aluminium-grey Ceiling-Fan-ventilatore-Industrial-grey1 Ceiling Fan Gran Torino grey Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-Black Ceiling Fan Gran Torino canna di fucile Ventilatore-ceiling-Fan-Industrial-Razzetti-Green-copia Ceiling Fan Gran Torino green 8 color variant ceiling fan Gran Torino Ceiling Fan Gran Torino detail motore-bianco-e-argento-anodizzato-2 motore-grigio-naturale-ferro-2

Ceiling fan Gran Torino: a modern and unique design’s ceiling fan, results of the clean lines and perfect proportions. A piece that takes inspiration and wants to celebrate the world of motorcycling, the industrial style and the perfection of mechanics. The visible engine incorporates the lines of naked motorcycles and custom-built cars born out of a strong desire for personalization and distinction from the crowd.
The wide chromatic choice given by the aluminum anodizing process makes this collections of fans unique in the world, eclectic, that wants to be noted and show off his muscles. This fantastic model is the perfect choiche for those who really want to distinguish themself from the rest, as outside as well inside their places, who like freedom and feel the air in the hairs. The engine is a masterpiece of the most advanced elltromechanical engineering, capable of 250 RPM with 62 cm blades, energy saver and reliability at the top of the category.

These characteristics make it perfect also for Industrial use, thanks to the ability to move the air in large spaces and break the direct current that may form in them; just as it is perfect for dryers raw materials and alimony as grapes are for wine’s production.
Quiet and efficient, as it has low energy consumption and low environmental impact, this fan is the perfect substitute for the air conditioner, perfect both in summer and in winter, thanks to the reverse gear, which is perfect to vacuum the coldest air on the ground and getting the hot one that usually resides in the upper parts of the room.

Technical specifications

Maximum power consumption: 80 W (for engine only)
Speed adjustment: from 50 to 250 (per minute)
Current consumption: 0.6 A for 230 V – 1.2 A for 110V (United States only)
Lighting: LED available as an option
Breakage guarantee on engine and mechanical parts: 10 years
Reverse gear, 15 ° blade inclination, various dimensions for the blades, available with and without Tiges and variable tiges length, I / R remote control included, body in anodised aluminum, engine and components completely developed and built in Italy.


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